About Us

Mission Statement:

  • To guide people of all ages and ability levels in setting and reaching their healthy living goals in a friendly and supportive atmosphere
  • To offer current health and wellness education and training that meets a variety of lifestyles and levels of conditioning
  • To provide year-round opportunities for advancing well-being and fitness

Welcome to Women in Motion! The purpose of the Women in Motion training program is to help women of all ages and ability levels reach individual healthy living goals. Our participants have varying fitness levels, skills and goals; so although the WIM training structure is similar for each Woman in Motion, coach Wanda will help make the training as individually driven as possible. WIM training sessions are geared towards completing a goal 5K, 10K or half-marathon event. Setting a goal to strive towards can be a key component in keeping you on track with a consistent exercise program. There is no obligation to register for the goal event so if another fee is not in your budget you can use the accomplishment of each Women in Motion workout as your fitness goal!

partner-band-workoutTraining Zone: WIM training is based on using target heart rate training as your guide. If you have a heart rate monitor, this zone would be between 55%-75% of your maximum heart rate. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale has been scientifically proven to be just as effective. RPE closely correlates to heart rate in terms of cardiovascular training. On a scale of 0-10, most of your workouts will be done at a 5-7 range. This would equate to having the ability to talk with your training partner, but it would take a little effort. Another way to look at it is 0= sitting on the sofa watching your favorite TV program, and 10= your heart rate if you were running while being chased by a bear.

curb-step-up-to-balanceStrength, balance and flexibility: Regular resistance/strength training is so vital for all women. Among other benefits; strength training builds muscle, bone density and has recently been identified as a strategy to prevent diabetes. Core strength and flexibility exercises are key elements in the prevention of injury and in fighting the aging process! Women in Motion incorporates strength, balance and flexibility training in each group workout.


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